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Neurodiversity Specialists

Introducing Beth Blair & Her proven stategies for meaningful change.

Throughout a 29-year career as a life coach, business strategist and organizing consultant, Beth Blair has developed highly effective techniques for nearly 600 clients to successfully navigate a huge variety of life challenges, crises and circumstances. We address the personal and professional, internal and external areas of need.

She has also been on the journey of raising three children, one of whom has complex special needs.


– A Satisfied Mother

β€œIt was great meeting with you – it really started a big turnaround in my morale! Also, my family got excited about what you did, and our 6 year old helped tidy up her room so it’s now totally (almost πŸ™‚ tidy. I am feeling a lot better since I saw you – I appreciated your compassion!”

Neurodiversity Specialists