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Neurodiversity Specialists

Hope and effective living with ADD/ADHD

When you have a “different” brain, everyday life can be very challenging.Help is available with a gentle, compassionate, nonjudgmental approach while also providing practical skills for getting through life.


Assessment, coaching and organizing for ADHD adults and students


  • You feel hopeful about your future
  • You recognize your strengths, skills and quirks
  • Improved confidence and belief in your abilities
  • You learn how to deal with your challenges
  • Anxiety and frustration are relieved/lessened
  • Appropriate tools, systems and set ups are in place
  • You have a framework and plans so you know what needs to be done, when and how
  • More consistent follow through
  • Decrease in crises/’fire fighting”


– Kieran J.

“I am feeling more centered than I ever have in my life. Beth puts being gentle and blunt into a synergistic package that I have not felt elsewhere. I love her!”

Neurodiversity Specialists